Karabar Cleaning Services

Mr Guru cleaning services will send our expert cleaning team to Karabar area every Wednesday and Fridays. We are able to provide all types of cleaning including house cleaning, end of lease cleaning, pre-sale cleaning, steam carpet cleaning, windows cleaning and tile and grouts cleaning. Please contact us today to make a booking.

How to Clean Your Bathroom Properly?

Keeping the bathroom clean means wiping surfaces regularly with bacteria-killing solutions (vinegar, bleach and antibacterial cleaners) and paying special attention to the surfaces of the toilet, tub, sink, and all handles & faucets. Regular good wiping down of your bathroom will help decrease surface bacteria/viruses/pathogens greatly. Keep the bathroom clean is a long-term time-consuming task.…


How to Clean Aluminum Cookware?

The stains on aluminum products such as aluminum pans, pots, and spoons can be rubbed with vinegar. This way will leave aluminum products smooth and glazed without damaging the surface layer.