Tile & grouts cleaning

Looking to have your tiles and grouts cleaned professionally? What is it that you find difficult in tile and grout cleaning, a seemingly easy job? Do you fear your cleaning is not thorough enough?

Well, you are absolutely right to have these concerns. There are several reasons that you should pay particular attention to tiles cleaning.

Bathroom or kitchen tile and grout are typically the dirtiest surfaces in your home because the materials collect bacteria, viruses and mould spores. In addition to seeing contamination from visible mould growth on grout or tile, there are invisible pathogens that can make people sick. It isn’t easy to reach the surfaces around showers stalls or bathtubs, but professional cleaners have the correct equipment for this sanitizing task.

If you run a business, then you may want to impress your customers by a sparkling clean business, including the floor that does not have grimy debris from foot traffic. Our knowledgeable tile care experts can analyse the type of floor surface to provide customized cleaning for certain types of delicate stone or sensitive ceramic.

Sounds like the exact service that you are looking for? Contact us today to organise a cleaning session from just $120!