Washing Machine Cleaning

We normally use the ‘self-clean’ mode of the washing machine to clean the inner drum on a regular basis. And naturally, we have formed the idea that our washing machines are quite clean as long as its appearance inside the drum looks bright and shiny. Well, that’s not completely true.

What about the parts where you cannot see? The internal structure of the washing machine is intricate, and you will be surprised by how many microbes or bacteria could build up on your washing machine outer tub each year.

There has been some news reporting that people who wear washed clothes showed symptoms of skin inflammation and allergies. This is not because the washing machine couldn’t do the job, it’s because the washing machine itself is not clean enough.

We offer a full clean of the washing machine to eliminate all the dirt hidden in the deep and unreachable parts. By doing so, we not only perform the basic clean (such as cleaning the rubber seal), we also disassemble the washing machine, pull out the outer drum to clean and sanitise it separately.

Your hard-working washing machine deserves a thorough service! Contact us today to have a quote for washing machine cleaning!