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  • Robert and the admin team are just lovely. Very responsive and get back to you quickly by email or phone. The cleaners are not so great. I paid for an end-of-lease clean and afterwards, there were still significant marks on walls, doors, floors and in cupboards that could be wiped away with a finger, so it’s not like they were tough stains. I contacted Robert and he had the cleaners come back that same day, which was fantastic. But the cleaners themselves had no interest in cleaning again and claimed that some of the marks weren’t there when they finished cleaning. I can’t confirm that, but I can confirm that no-one had been in my apartment since they left…The cleaners stood around waiting for me to point things out, which they then cleaned, but they were there for less than five minutes in total. Afterwards, I was still finding marks and cobwebs around the place. I wouldn’t recommend Mr. Guru Cleaning unless you needed a clean really fast and your real estate agent isn’t too picky.


  • Thanks for your feedback, Kate. few things I have to mention.

1. As you said, you were not happy with the cleaner they did on the day, I sent them back, on the same day, to fix according to your description. My understanding is they were there waiting for your instruction to fix upon your request. They fix it within 5 minutes because they did all the fix according to your words.

2. For the marks, they were questioned about it. Just ask, They did fix the marks.

3. In a general process, the final inspection is done by a real estate agent. They will have things need to fix all written down. And we can come over and fix it in one go. It’s not anyone can find a couple of marks, we have to back straight away, then somebody else finds another couple of cobwebs, we have to back to Queanbeyan again.

4. We had the final inspection list from the real estate agent, and we send the team back n pass the inspection (general cleaning)

5. Three days after the job is completed. Ms. Kate wrote me an email about carpet cleaning. Kate believes the carpet is not done, because it is not wet, after 3 days. And I did write an email back to you explain the carpet will dry out in about 3 hours.

6. After inspection, you told me the carpet does not pass the inspection. Ask for a refund. Otherwise, you will send us to fair trading. Although I am very clear, on the fair trading law*, I have the opportunity to do the fix.

Here are the photos after cleaning

Here are the photos after one month time, and Ms. Kate said did by somebody else.

I don’t see any difference between those pictures, except the first picture has a single one piece of cat hair. Some dents come out a bit. I think someone may buffer the floor after or it will come out after 1 month time (please correct me if I’m wrong) but that’s nothing relevant to steam carpet cleaning. I still process the full refund to Ms. Kate. Money transferred to her immediately after she sends me these photos. I did not have any argument with Ms. Kate.

To Sum up, as a business manager, I believe I did everything I can from my part, especially for customer services.

And I would like to use this space to tell everyone(our future customers) here.

I CANNOT promise all our job can be perfect all the time. Our team made mistakes, as we are human beings.

My promise is, we try to our job best as we can, if there are any issues, we are willing to talk. And we will fix all the issues we left over. ASAP.

However, if you would like someone can do a perfect job all the time. I’m sorry, we can’t help you. Especially for an end of lease cleaning, there are over hundred of things need to look after, I cannot make sure everything is perfect all the time.

Thanks for the reading.



What happens if these guarantees are not met?

If you sell a customer a service that fails to meet one or more of the consumer guarantees, he/she is entitled to a remedy – for example, a refund, a further service to rectify the problem and in some circumstances compensation for consequential loss. The service provider must then provide the appropriate remedy.

If the problem is minor and can be fixed, you can choose how to fix the problem.

The consumer cannot cancel and demand a refund immediately. You must have an opportunity to fix the problem. If the repairs take too long, the consumer can get someone else to fix the problem and ask you to pay reasonable costs, or cancel the service and get a refund.